Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Someone Said Sources Said Conyers Will Not Run Again

Any wagers on the next angle of attacks?

People are working really hard, knowing indictments are coming down, to prevent asset forfeiture and incarceration.

They already threw in a pinch of senility, but I did not feel like posting it.

Stay tuned.  This is just getting started.

Sources: Rep. John Conyers won't seek re-election in wake of sexual harassment claimsSources say Conyers will not resign

DETROIT - The controversy swirling around Michigan Rep. John Conyers has intensified this week as former staff members accused him of sexual harassment.

 Sources told Local 4 that Conyers will not seek re-election for a new term in the wake of the scandal, which continues to grow. Two sources close to the Conyers situation told Local 4's Rod Meloni that the congressman won't resign.

It's his intent to announce in January that he won't run for re-election in 2018.

 His attorney said the allegations are not true, but Conyers is under increased scrutiny, and his family is rallying around him.

 Conyers caught a bit of a break Wednesday as the Congressional Black Caucus met in Washington and Chairman Cedric Richmond disputed the stories saying he is pushing for Conyers to resign. 

Among the former staffers accusing Conyers of sexual harassment is Deanna Maher, who claimed Conyers sexually harassed her three times, including undressing to his underwear in her bedroom while she was in a nightgown.

 The Michigan Democratic Party has not yet responded to a request for comment about the sources' information that Conyers won't run again.

The situation could change depending on the pressure brought to bear in Washington.

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