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John Conyers: Secrets About His Sexual Harassment You Won’t Read Anywhere Else

Later today, embattled sexual harasser Congressman John Conyers will announce whether or not he’ll retire. But there are some secrets and questions about his harassment nobody’s saying . . . and which you won’t read anywhere else but here.
For years, I’ve written–very critically–about Congressman-For-Life John Conyers, clownish liberal Democrat, tool of Islamic terrorists, and outright Communist. And I’ve skated around the edges of what I’ve long known–something that raises deeper questions about his current sexual harassment scandals and also his competence.
johnmonicaconyers.jpgMy late father, a Detroit-area physician, was well steeped in Detroit and Michigan politics. He also had several patients who were lobbyists for the “Big Three” auto companies. They told him a lot about their behind-the-scenes dealings. My dad said that it was always a well known “secret” that John Conyers was gay. He said that Conyers’ marriage to the very masculine and overbearing Monica Conyers was a cover-up and that Mrs. Conyers was his beard.
A prominent Conyers staffer confirmed this to me. In the course of my political dealings, I got to know a former high-ranking Conyers staffer. I asked the guy about what my father said. My friend–the Conyers staffer–frequently traveled with Conyers and told me that Conyers was as gay as Liberace. There was “no way,” he said, that John Conyers’ two sons with Monica Conyers were conceived naturally. Or, if they were, the Congressman was drunk, thinking of some guy while engaged in the act, or both. There have also been a lot of rumors that the very dominant Monica Conyers is a lesbian. She lived separately from John Conyers for extended periods of time, including three years at an Oklahoma law school, time in prison for her bribery conviction, and for, well, most of their 27-year marriage.
Given this, you might say I’m providing cover to Conyers with regard to the multiple sexual harassment claims against him, made by women–most of them his former female staffers. But you would be wrong. In fact, I’m not providing cover for Conyers at all. In fact, I believe the female staffers’ claims (at least one of which was paid off in a settlement consisting of $27,000 in taxpayer funds).
But there’s another factor at play here. John Conyers has been known to have at least some degree of dementia for decades. It’s no secret that–while he has moments of apparent lucidity–he is generally confused and clueless about what’s going on around him. I saw this first-hand for myself.
Back in November 2004–so, we’re talking 13 years ago–I went undercover to a pre-election event for the HAMAS front-group CAIR (the Council on American Islamic Relations). At the event, I was discovered and outed by some of the CAIR officials. They tried to embarrass me and get me to cower and leave, but I didn’t. Instead, it made me stay at the event longer than I’d planned to. These people don’t intimidate me. While John Conyers was on the stage answering questions, CAIR officials went to the microphone to introduce me, ask me questions, and call me out. John Conyers was entirely clueless and confused, He thought they were talking to him, even though it was clear they were not addressing him.
He’s just completely out of it, a lot of the time. This is a major part of the reason that Detroit’s major newspapers–both of which are very liberal (The Detroit News pretends to be conservative but isn’t at all)–have been calling for the retirement of 88-year-old Conyers for years. Although his heart is still beating, he is the Black version of Weekend at Bernie’s. He’s basically brain-dead, and is propped up by staffers.
So what does John Conyers’ dementia have to do with him being gay (allegedly) on the down-low and the accusations of sexual harassment by the women?
Well, I have a theory, and I think John Conyers proves me right. Regardless of all the lectures we get about homosexuality being innate and not a choice, I believe that people who are afflicted by dementia forget “which team they play for.” I haven’t seen any studies on this, but I’ll bet some university academic will get zillions to get the taxpayers to explore this irrelevancy.
Anyway, John Conyers has been mentally out of it for at least two decades, from what I hear. That would place his sexual harassment of women within the time that he probably started to forget he’s attracted to men.
Just an observation nobody’s raising. But, like I said, and like my Dad and the former high-ranking Conyers staffer said, John Conyers doesn’t like women. Or didn’t, until he just lost his mind and forgot altogether what it was that he liked.
So, if John Conyers, really is (or was, pre-dementia) gay, why haven’t we heard allegations of him harassing men? Well, maybe there are some of those, but we just don’t know about them yet. Or maybe not. Until recently, gay men didn’t want to be outed as gay and wouldn’t go public with such complaints. And in the Black community, this definitely isn’t done. There’s a reason the term “down-low” was coined, regarding Black men who are openly straight and secretly gay. Homosexuality just isn’t accepted in Black America, John Conyers’ base.
On Conyers’ decision today, I believe he’ll announce that he’s not seeking re-election and will retire at the end of his current term (which ends at the end of 2018). He is, after all, in the hospital in connection with all the hype surrounding his multiple alleged instances of harassing women. That kind of stress for something like this is more common with someone old, infirm, and . . . experiencing dementia and confusion.
But I highly doubt Conyers will resign. He will not allow White America–especially White Nancy Pelosi–tell him what to do. Or rather, since he has dementia, his mostly Black staffers and predominantly Black supporters in the Black Detroit community won’t allow it. They don’t want to look like they are taking instructions from White people. Yesterday (Monday), many prominent Detroit Black leaders (and Hezbollah supporting, Iran-connected Shi’ite Muslim Nasser Beydoun) held a rally to support Conyers not resigning. We can’t let crackaz tell us what to do.
Over the years, Conyers has had many well-financed Democratic primary opponents, but the Conyers name is like the Obama name in Detroit. A moldy tuna sandwich named “Conyers” would get elected.
In fact, that’s kinda what has been getting elected in Conyers’ Congressional district for decades.
Don’t celebrate if Conyers announces his retirement. His crazy wife/beard, Monica, a federal convict who took bribes as a Detroit City Councilwoman, would probably run for his seat. . . and get elected.
And if you think John Conyers is bad, you ain’t seen nothin’. Monica Conyers is the epitome of the saying, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”
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