Wednesday, December 6, 2017

John Conyers’ Son And Appointed Successor: ‘My N***as’ Deal Drugs, ‘Dad Is A F***ing Player’ [VIDEO]

Most of Conyers III’s brief rap career appears to have taken place between 2012 and 2013. Conyers III raised eyebrows in 2010 when he described his father, who is now accused of being a sexual predator, as a “f***ing player” on Twitter. “My dad is a f***ing player and reckless as hell! He just got at this doods wife super low-key,” the congressman’s son tweeted. Conyers Jr. is expected to be replaced either by his son, Conyers III., or by great-nephew, state Sen. Ian Conyers, who announced he will run for the open seat.

Conyers Jr. was under intense pressure to resign following the flood of sexual harassment allegations against him. Sworn affidavits signed by four of his former staffers describe Conyers Jr. as a serial sexual harasser who preyed on his female staffers and demanded sexual favors from them. He also allegedly abused taxpayer resources to pursue sexual relationships with women. Conyers paid off one former staffer with more than $27,000 in taxpayer funds in exchange for her silence, after she accused him of sexually harassing and then firing her for rebuffing his sexual advances. He has denied all wrongdoing. Over the weekend, a coalition of Michigan Democrats, local religious leaders and activists held a rally in support of Conyers Jr., whom California Democratic Rep. Jackie Speier has described as a “predator.” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, after initially defending Conyers Jr. as an “icon,” followed other Democrats’ lead in calling on the 88-year-old congressman to step down last week.

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