Saturday, October 29, 2011

Motion Picture Association of America Supports Stop Online Piracy Act

Motion Picture Association of America Supports Stop Online Piracy Act

Hello, My Name Is...
By Howard Gantman

It’s been only two days since the bipartisan House Judiciary committee leadership introduced a highly anticipated bill to crack down on foreign rogue websites that steal and profit from counterfeit goods and stolen creative content like books and movies and music. Yet those who seem to side with the rights of these rogue websites over the rights of American workers and businesses, are taking every step possible to confuse the public, falsely characterize its provisions and mislabel the bill.

For a clear and concise explanation of the Stop Online Piracy Act, Chairman Lamar Smith has put out a fact sheet that summarizes the bill and will clarify any uncertainty about what it does.

And for those who want to get their facts right about its name: It’s called the Stop Online Piracy Act.

So let’s stop playing games. More than 2.2 million hard-working, middle-class people in all 50 states depend on the entertainment industry for their jobs. They work behind the scenes in production, and in small businesses like equipment rental, transportation, construction and food service. Millions more people work in theaters, video stores, retail, restaurants and other businesses that depend on entertainment. For all of these workers and their families, digital theft means declining incomes, lost jobs and reduced health and retirement benefits.

We thank the bill’s initial co-sponsors, Representatives Lamar Smith, Howard Berman, Marsha Blackburn, Mary Bono Mack, Steve Chabot, John Conyers, Ted Deutch, Elton Gallegly, Tim Griffin, Bob Goodlatte, Dennis Ross, Adam Schiff, and Terry Lee for introducing this bill and recognizing the importance of protecting American workers and businesses.

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