Friday, October 7, 2011

George Clinton praises John Conyers on copyright stance

George Clinton praises John Conyers on copyright stance

Jeffery Thenisch, John Conyers, Jr., and George Clinton

Getting a shout-out from singer George Clinton this week was Rep. John Conyers Jr. for his work on copyright law and making sure artists get the royalties to which they're entitled.

Clinton of Parliament Funkadelic fame was in town this week to announce the launch with DC Netcast Media Group of an application that allows users to remix top hits.

"With the encouragement of Congressman John Conyers Jr. and Detroit's rich history of music and innovation," Clinton said in a press release, it makes sense to launch the app in Motown.

Next year, the copyright law that governs royalties expires and Conyers, D-Detroit, has taken up the charge in Congress to make sure artists aren't shortchanged.

According to Clinton's rep, he'll announce the release of his Motown Album in Detroit during the street dedication ceremony of John Conyers, Jr. Blvd., tentatively set for November. Washington Boulevard from Cobo Center to Adams Street will be renamed.

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