Friday, June 30, 2017

CONYERS Floor Statement In Opposition Of H.R. 3003, "No Sanctuary for Criminals Act"

On June 29, 2017, the House considered and passed H.R. 3003, No Sanctuary for Criminals Act.

This bill will trample the rights of states and localities to determine what is in the best interest of their public safety and will conscript local law enforcement to enforce federal immigration law.

 The ultimate experts on community safety are communities themselves.

And hundreds of them have determined that as community trust increases, crime decreases.

This is because immigrants will come out of the shadows and report crimes to local law enforcement when they are not threatened with deportation.

 In fact, a recent study found that community trust jurisdictions are actually safer than their counterparts.

 Against this considered judgment, H.R. 3003 forces localities to abandon community trust principles and mandates the conscription of local officers into federal immigration enforcement.

 Some localities, of course, would rightfully resist this conscription.

As punishment, H.R. 3003 would rob them of vital law enforcement funding that they depend on to prevent crime, prosecute criminals, and boost community policing ranks.

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