Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Same Old Republican Tricks: No to the Buffet Rule, Another Yes to Voucherizing Medicare and Taxing the Poor

Same Old Republican Tricks: No to the Buffet Rule, Another Yes to Voucherizing Medicare and Taxing the Poor

(WASHINGTON) – Today, Republicans in the United States Senate voted to kill S. 2230, “Paying A Fair Share Act of 2012” –  legislation popularly known as the “Buffet Rule” –  that would reduce the deficit and restore fairness to America’s tax system.  Proposed by President Obama, the Buffet Rule would close tax loopholes so that those earning over $1 million in income pay a minimum tax rate just like the rest of America’s workers.  Senate Democrats sought to bring the president’s proposal to a vote.  But Senate Republicans acted to obstruct consideration of the bill by voting against limiting debate, denying the measure an up or down vote.  U.S. Representative John Conyers, Jr. (D-Mich.) – a cosponsor of H.R. 3903, the House Democrats’ version of the bill – released the following statement in response to Senate Republicans’ action:  

“Today, Republicans in the Senate once again proved they will oppose any attempt, however reasonable, at restoring fairness to America’s tax system,” said Conyers.  “Rather than support a balanced approach to deficit reduction that preserves programs critical to our Nation’s most vulnerable, Senate Republicans defend tax laws beneficial only to a wealthy few.  And Republicans here in the House are no better.

“Instead of acting to close tax loopholes to make sure that all Americans pay their fair share, the Republican leadership in the House has scheduled yet another vote on the Ryan Budget, a draconian piece of legislation that slashes Medicare, Medicaid, and puts the burden of deficit reduction on the backs of America’s working families.  This approach to deficit reduction is unfair and the American people know it.  According to a recent CNN/ORC International poll, 72 percent of Americans support enacting the Buffet Rule. 
“House Republicans need to heed the American people, abandon the slash-and-burn approach to deficit reduction embodied in the Ryan Budget, and support President Obama’s efforts to restore tax fairness through the Buffet Rule.”  

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