Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ed Garvey: Takeovers show how GOP aims to steal election

Ed Garvey: Takeovers show how GOP aims to steal election
We began discussing the so-called financial emergency legislation shortly after Michigan’s Walker-like governor; Rick Snyder, seized control of the city of Benton Harbor. In a move of questionable constitutionality, Snyder, a pal of our Gov. Scott Walker and Ohio’s Gov. John Kasich, simply hit the delete button and elected officials were no more. I posted a blog suggesting that Walker, with support from the Greater Milwaukee Committee, was planning to ask the Legislature for the authority to permit Wisconsin’s governor to do the same to any elected entity if, in his view, there was a fiscal emergency. The Walker administration quickly denied that such a plan was in the works but since Walker was working with Foley and Lardner on the legislation, it seemed that the cries of “innocent” were insincere.
Snyder, Kasich, and Walker are three peas in a pod — anti-democrats all. They seemed to be singing from the same hymnal. Walker would get rid of public sector unions; Snyder would use legislation to take over economically troubled local governments or school districts, with no duty to consult with elected officials. Kasich got his legislature to pass a bill severely restricting public employee union rights. It is governor as dictator. (Where is Charlie Chaplin when we need him?)
Although Ohio voters overturned Kasich’s anti-union law in a November referendum, Snyder is now proceeding full speed ahead. He is reaching out well beyond Benton Harbor looking for takeover targets. Pontiac and Inkster have felt the lash. Guess who will be the biggest fish in the net unless we stop Snyder? Wait, wait don’t tell me … Detroit! Mayor Dave Bing and Congressman John Conyers are getting prepared for a fight to stop Snyder’s incredible power grab but Snyder will try to pull it off all in the name of fiscal emergency.
One thing Snyder’s “victims” share is that a majority of citizens in the target cities are black. Hot news: Most blacks like President Obama and plan to vote for him next November. Who will monitor the elections? Who will handle voter registration? One very white Gov. Snyder, of course. Remember Florida, hanging chads and butterfly ballots? Do you believe George W. Bush won fair and square in 2000? How about Ohio in 2004?
If the right wing can take over a city — Detroit, for example — they will do it. All sorts of mischief can, and undoubtedly will, happen. We were shocked in 2000. We were shocked again in 2004 when exit polls made it clear that Kerry would win but something happened and suddenly states called for Kerry were put into the red column. In my wildest dreams I would not have guessed that the right wing would literally steal elections, but after the shenanigans in the past three presidential elections, I not only think they are capable of cheating in 2012, I think it is a certainty.
What are the Democrats doing about this? Not much. The U.S. attorney general must be on sabbatical. Apparently, the Democrats continue to think that elections are a fair fight. This will not be a fair fight. Thanks to Citizens United, the GOP will have over a billion dollars to adopt gerrymandered districts, defeat Obama, and make gains in the Congress. It is not a fair fight and we are in trouble!
After watching the last big GOP debate, I can hardly wait for Obama vs. Newt Gingrich or Obama vs. Mitt Romney — any one of this group of clowns will do. I wouldn’t hire one of these Republicans.

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