Sunday, November 13, 2011

Congressmen Hold Job Fair For Veterans In Detroit

Congressmen Hold Job Fair For Veterans In Detroit

Getty ImagesDETROIT (WWJ) - A couple of lawmakers from Michigan are helping needy veterans get back on their feet. Congressman Hansen Clarke and Congressman John Conyers Jr. are hosting the Veteran’s Resource Fair on Thursday in Detroit.

Congressman Clarke spoke with WWJ about why an event like this is so important.

Getty Images“Many of our veterans in Metro Detroit are struggling right now financially, which is a shame when you consider the sacrifices they’ve made to this country. We’ve decided to bring the people together that could help veterans and their families, help our veterans find work, get an education, stay in their home or even find basic shelter,” said Clarke.

The Veteran’s Resource Fair will feature more than 25 agencies in the areas of education, job training, entrepreneurship and many other life building opportunities.

“Many of our veterans have really experience trauma and they need healthcare, drug treatments, and just the support that they know that they can make it. We want to help them directly, but also we want to give them hope not to give up, that someone is there to look out for them and to help them. And as a Congressman, I’ll be their personal advocate,” said Clarke.

The Veteran’s Resource Fair takes place Thursday between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. at the Historic Fort Wayne, located at 6325 West Jefferson Ave. in Detroit.
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