Friday, July 29, 2016

CONYERS: Hillary Should Have Press Conferences ‘All The Time’

Conyers, ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee, was asked what President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden have to do to make the case for a Clinton presidency. Conyers told PJM that President Obama should focus on “full employment” during his remaining time in office.
“I’d like to have both of them talk about jobs, justice and peace, and that stems from my feelings about what Dr. Martin Luther King did to revive the civil rights movement in America. And I believe that would add to the Obama legacy these last few months in office. It inspires Hillary to do as much as she can in this area,” he said.
“As the wealthiest country in history, there’s no reason we can’t have full employment. If we have full employment we don’t only help our communities but we help the national economy as well, and so this is the first thing: jobs. Barack Obama has done a good job. His legacy right now is healthcare. He’s done a good job on that but I want his last few months going out to the door, turning it over to Hillary Clinton, we want him to be working on jobs, full employment,” Conyers added.

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