Friday, May 1, 2015


WASHINGTON – Following his vote against the House GOP’s federal budget resolution, Congressman John Conyers, Jr. (MI-13) issued the following statement:

Dean of the U.S. House
of Representatives
John Conyers, Jr.
“Congressional Republicans’ federal budget proposal is a decisive step in the wrong direction.  The budget plan seeks to reduce investments in retirement security, education, infrastructure, and healthcare while attempting to hide irresponsible increases in Pentagon spending through accounting gimmicks.  While this measure is a guiding framework for Congressional action—and not binding law—it nonetheless paints a disturbing picture of Republican priorities for the upcoming federal funding process.  I will continue to reject Republican efforts to cut funding for key national priorities and call on President Obama to veto any efforts to put struggling seniors, students, and families at risk.  

“At a time of rising insecurity for America’s retirees, the Republican budget resolution seeks to turn Medicare into—of all things—a voucher program.  Republicans are trying, in other words, to turn Medicare’s healthcare guarantee into mere coupon clippings for seniors.  Their proposal also undercuts struggling families and young Americans, attempting to turn Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Programs into limited “block grants” to states that can be diverted to other programs and priorities.   

“At a time when America’s students are struggling with unsustainable debt, the GOP budget proposal seeks to eliminate nearly $85 billion in Pell Grants, making higher education more expensive for students in need.

“At a time when families across the country are struggling to put nutritious food on the table, the GOP budget proposal also seeks to turn essential food security programs including the SNAP program into “block grants” that can be compromised or cut by states.  Just when 16 million previously-uninsured Americans finally receive quality healthcare through Obamacare, the GOP budget seeks to repeal the Affordable Care Act without offering recourse to people who need coverage.   

“The Republican budget seeks to protect the Pentagon from budget cuts through a disingenuous accounting maneuver:  shifting up to $187 billion over the next several years into a shadowy war spending account known as Overseas Contingency Operations Fund.  In other words, the GOP budget seeks to shift the burden of deficit reduction away from weapons-makers and well-funded Pentagon programs onto struggling seniors, students, and families. 

“There’s a better way.  As a proud co-author of the Congressional Progressive Caucus budget, I believe we must strengthen our safety net and invest in 21st-century infrastructure, manufacturing, education, and environmental protection.  We need investment—not austerity.” 

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